Our manufacturing
and repairing services

Caprias performs:

  • • Machining for all types of parts per units or in series.
  • • Drawing or samples of spare parts and special equipment.
  • • Repairs and modifications for special road and production equipments.
  • • Manufacture and repairs of production equipments and production substations.
  • • Engineering, development and adaptations to suit each company.
  • • Welded constructions, hardfacing, special contributions
  • • Nautical elevators
  • • Technical and advisory projects.
  • • Continuous improvement systems.
Listed below are some exemplary developments made by our company.

Flate Plane

• Complete Mandrel (Uncoiler and furling )

• Comprehensive repairs of machines.

• Axle coil mandrels

• Conveyor chains for coils

• Spare parts for milling lines

• Gear wheels for chains

• Rolling bearings and vitones

• All type of exles and bridles

• Lamination and calibration cages

• Booms and beams for cranes and structures

• Roller pinch-roll for hot foil

• Special equipment and major adjustments

• Hydraulic cylinders

• Wheels and tires for bridge cranes and trolleys

• Mechined and welded constructions

• Shear holder or Matrix cutting


Cement and Mining Industry

• Rollers and bearings for ovens support

• Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

• Road rollers/special coatings

• Mechined and welded constructions

• Complete gear reduction box

• Pulley porta bucket

• Road machinery parts

• Links, chain pins and bushings

• Pump housing

• Gear wheels for translational rotors chain and all kind of axes

• Spare parts for perforated bars

• Breakers´ spare parts

• Axles and hubs for crushers

• Wheels and tires for bridge cranes and trolleys

• Compressor Valves

• Ball joints and pump air valves

• Ni-hard bushings and auger bit


Steel Industry

• Pilger machine parts

• Full mandrel for coil sheet

• Pipe rolling cage

• Shafts mandrels

• Rolling bearings and vitones

• Chains special translation

• Straightening rollers

• All kind of shafts and flanges.

• Heads and jaws Broach

• Rollers with surface hardened and coated.

• Wheels and tires for bridge cranes and trolleys

• Pinch-roll equipment.

• Hammers Chisels

• Shapers welded edges

• Hollow dies

• Shirts and water boxes mills for steel industries


Machines and Cranes

• Nautical elevators

• Automatic vehicle parking system

• Derriks crane feathers

• Cranes jibs

• Hydraulic cylinders

• Repairs of Road Machines

• Pipelayers adaptations

• Gear reduction box reparation

• Pulleys and winches

• Fully equipments repairs

• Pump reparation

• Track Shoe and link assembly reparation

• Special Kits for machines

• Accessories for gas networks

• Pulley porta bucket

• Chain sprocket

• All kind of Rotors and shafts

• Track rollers with special coatings

• Machining for all types of parts

• Spare parts under special drawings or samples.

• Manufacture and Repair of Equipments

• Engineering, development and adaptations

• Welded constructions hardfacing special contributions

• Technical and Project advice

Gas Networks

• Approved accessories

• High and low pressure accessories

• Oleoducts and gas lines accesories

• Major pipelines accessories


Other Industries

• Complete reducing boxes

• Gear wheels for traslation chains

• Track rollers with special coatings

• All kinds of rotors and shafts

• Kits for special machines

• Crowbar crank bridles

• Bridge cranes and trolleys

• Accessories for gas

• Translational screw and extruder